First Impression Post; Mental Health Treatment

I think that the first most helpful type of psychotherapy would be cognitive psychotherapy because this type of therapy starts by teaching the brain how to forget past problems and begin to focus on more important and recent issues. This type of therapy can help people with many different types of problems and helps them with a more easy type of therapy.

The next most helpful type of psychotherapy would be humanistic psychotherapy because this type of therapy strengthens the relationship between the person that is getting the mental health treatment and the psychologist. This type of therapy is important, so that the client feels safe and comfortable with the person that they are talking to.

Next I think the most helpful type of psychotherapy would be behavioral psychotherapy because this type of psychotherapy helps the person to fix their unhealthy habits, such as unhealthy relationships or anything in their lives that is having bad affects on their mental health. This is helpful because this would reduce the amount of things that are worsening their mental health.

I think the last most helpful type of psychotherapy would be psychodynamic psychotherapy because this type of therapy allows a person to release the tension that they have, so that their healing process will not come off as more aggressive, rather it would be helpful for the person. This would allow the person that is getting the mental health treatment to be helped with less stress and anger than they would without this kind of therapy.


Media Production Project; Psychology in the Media

The article, “Holocaust Exposure Induced Intergenerational Effects on FKBP5 Methylation” researched and written by various authors researched the idea that the offspring of Holocaust survivors had inherited a type of “disability” from their parents’ trauma. This idea that children are inheriting a gene from their parents because of their trauma from the Holocaust was proved to be false, rather they are getting these mental illnesses as they get older from the way that they were raised by their parents. These children were raised differently than other children in their generation because of the trauma that their parents had experienced in their lives.

This research article focused on how the Holocaust had an effect on FKBP5 methylation in the survivors, which is a protein found in the human body that regulates the GR sensitivity. In Holocaust survivors methylation at site FKBP5 was higher than it was in people that were not impacted by the Holocaust. Although, in Holocaust offspring, methylation was lower than it was in people in the same generation that were not impacted by the Holocaust. These levels for parents and their offspring of the Holocaust were correlated, as when they were in the Holocaust the levels are higher than if they were not.

In conclusion, these researchers had found that it was not simply a gene being passed down from Holocaust survivors to their offspring, rather it was the way that the children were raised by the Holocaust survivors. If these children had suffered any physical, mental, or sexual abuse as a child, then their methylation at site FKBP5 was lower than children who had not experienced these things. This was more common in children of Holocaust survivors because of the way that they had been raised by their parents, not any type of gene that was being passed down.


As I was writing the summary for this research article, I had used the main ideas that were taken from the article to help and summarize it in the most simple way because their experiment had a very complicated procedure. Although from the summary, their idea seemed to be simple, it was very difficult to decide what aspects should be added into the summary, because the whole experiment was very complicated and full of the research that all of these authors had done. As I was writing the summary, I had left out more of the procedure and how this actual experiment was done because it was a more unimportant aspect to the whole research, and instead I added more about the results of their experiment because the whole procedure had many confusing parts to it and if you did not read the whole article, readers would have a hard time understanding exactly how the whole experiment was done. This article did answer the five critical questions to reading research.

The news article that lead to the research article was written in a much more simple way than the research article itself because it never went into specifics as to how their experiment was done to get to their results. The news article did provide some critical information needed for the research article, although it never went into specifics as to how their results were found. The research article then proved that the news article was false because genes cannot be passed down from trauma, like in the case of Holocaust survivors passing down their trauma genes to their offspring.

From these three assignments I have learned a lot about journalists’ writing. From the pop culture assignment, I learned that research can be done and supported, but then found to be false even though the researchers that did the experiment think that it was correct. This taught me that no matter how well researchers prevent their data, it is not always correct. From the research article critique I learned that it takes way more than a couple researchers to create a study and prove it to be correct, and although it seems easy to create a study, it takes a lot of time and research to make it become real and reliable. From this assignment, the media production project, I learned that being a journalist can be hard, as writing from the top of your head and creating and coming up with information from other people’s work can take a lot of effort, to find the correct information to share with your readers.

These three assignments made me have a new appreciation for journalists, because their job is not as easy as it seems to be. It takes a lot of hard work and time to get to the point of creating a piece of work that is able to be published, without getting any criticism. I enjoyed doing all of these assignments and learning more about how trauma can affect people and also more about the writing of a journalist.


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First Impression Post; Mental Illness

From watching this video, I learned a lot more about the symptoms and reactions that people who have schizophrenia have. Before watching this video I never really realized that that is how they react and that is what is constantly going through their head. I think that people living with this mental illness are portrayed differently in the media, than how they really react in real life.

Although actually experiencing these side effects and symptoms is much different in real life, than they are in this video, it still strongly affected me while I was watching it because the video actually showed how hard living with this mental illness really is for people. It showed me how hard it must be to suffer from one of these mentally illnesses because I had a hard time from just watching a video about it.

In the media people usually portray schizophrenia as a mental illness that actually makes people go crazy and act insane all the time, rather than actually showing what is going on inside their heads. I think that the media shows this mental illness to be much worse and harder for people to live with than it actually is in real life because they make people with schizophrenia in the media way more crazy and uncontrollable, where as people in real life that have it are not nearly as uncontrollable as they are making them seem.

Doing this simulation showed me what people that have to live with schizophrenia go through every single day and it makes me realize what kind of things they have to go through just to live a normal life. Doing this simulation really opened my eyes to mental illnesses and actually showed me what they are like in real life, rather than learning false information from the media.

First Impression Post; Social

Taking these tests did not surprise me much, as the results were pretty much what I was expecting. I feel as though I know myself well and was expecting the results that I ended up getting. While taking the test I had clear answers that came to mind while I was reading the questions because I know what my beliefs are and it was easy for me to come up with the answers.

I think that my results were not surprising because I already know what things I think and what my beliefs are, and they are stronger beliefs, so it is pretty difficult to change my opinion. Taking this test was different because some of the questions that were asked, I did not expect. Although some of the questions were more out there than other questions, most of the one asked were questions that I had expected to be on the test.

I think that this test could be useful for college students because it could help to show them what their beliefs are and can also help them to see what they actually believe, rather than what they think they believe in. This test could also be useful in a future career to show the business or place that you are working how you think and what things you believe in before the job is started. This can help people get fired and it can help businesses and companies to know who to hire or not hire people if they do not fit into the company.

First Impression Post; Personality

After taking the four personality tests, I think that they accurately represent my personality. I think that these tests showed different aspects of my personality, but all came together to make who I am as a person.

These tests showed different parts of my personality and who I am because they did not all come out and give me the exact same results, instead they varied slightly and gave me different answers for some of the tests, but others were exactly the same.

These tests all had very similar, if not exactly the same questions, but some of my results did vary and were different from test to test. I think that all of these tests were very credible because they all had similar questions and they also all gave the same descriptions for each of the personality types.

These tests were interesting, especially the second one because it not only gave a description of each of the personalty types, but it also gave examples of people who are those kinds of personalities. Meaning, each description of the personality gave an occupation of major trait of someone who is that personality type, which I thought was very interesting because it helped me better understand what kinds of people would be that personality type.

Taking these tests made me realize that personalities can vary largely between people because there are so many different personalities that people can have. I never realized the abundance of personalities that there are and it is crazy that there are so many to fit all different kinds of people.

First Impression Post; Stress

My current stress level is much lower than it is during the school year because I am taking many less classes than I am during the school year. I also am taking this class at my pace, rather than attending classes every day I get to take this class from the comfort of my own home. I feel as though being at home I am less stressed taking a class because I am working at my pace and I am in my own comfortable environment.

During the school year I do not get very stressed, but I do get stressed for sure. I do have some stress management for during the school year, when I am very stressed. I go to the gym and run and workout, which helps me focus on something different for a little bit, rather than focusing solely on school work and stressing out more.

This really does help me be less stressed because I can work out all of my anger and stress directed towards school work.

Other things that I could do to manage my stress would be boxing because that would take off a lot of anger and stress by boxing, rather than taking my stress out on something. I think that being stressed makes my performance worse because then I am not able to focus on my work and things that I need to focus on. I think that when I am not stressed my performance is better, which is why I enjoy going to the gym and doing physical activity to relieve my stress.

First Impression Post; Motivation

I think that eating healthy can go to an extreme and in this case, I believe that it has gone too far. I think that eating healthy is a good thing and it really does help people lose weight and feel better about themselves, but when it gets to the point of basically being malnourished, I think it has reached a maximum.

I think that when people are so addicted to eating healthy that it makes them feel as though they can barely eat anything, then this has come too far because they are not getting the proper nutrition that they need to make the most of themselves.

Eating healthy can be a very easy way to make a person feel better about themselves and easily lose weight, but when it comes to the point of them actually being unhealthy and unable to have enough energy, then it has gone too far and it needs to stop because, in the long run, it can hurt their body detrimentally.

Orthorexia nervosa is a very unhealthy eating disorder that is tricking people into thinking that it is making them healthier, when in all reality it is hurting their bodies majorly because they are not getting the proper nutrition that they need to give their bodies enough energy to live a normal life. I think that there are proper ways to be a healthier person and to feel better about themselves, but I do not think that being obsessed with eating healthy is one of those things that will make a person feel better physically and also feel better about themselves.

First Impression Post; Sleep

During the school year I would not go to bed until later at night because I was never tired until then because of the work I had been doing for classes. Now that it is summer and I don’t have nearly as much homework to be doing and I don’t have classes to be attending daily, I find myself able to sleep a lot earlier than during the school year.

As a college student I feel as though I do get a decent amount of sleep, but not as much as I should be getting. I think that my sleep habits could be better and I could manage my time differently so that I can get more sleep, while also succeeding academically. My sleep schedule during the school year was definitely much different than my current sleep schedule.

During the summer time I find myself going to sleep a lot earlier and getting to sleep for a higher number of hours than I did during the school year. I think that an ideal number of hours of sleep a college student should be getting is somewhere around 8 hours because then they wake up more refreshed and then are less likely to be taking naps during the day, wasting time that they could be using to study.

I think that one way I could improve my sleeping habits would be to take less naps during the day and spend more time doing homework and studying, rather than sleeping. This would allow me to sleep more at night and get the correct amount of sleep that I need, rather than getting small bursts of sleep during the day and not a lot at night.

First Impression Post; Memory

I think that when certain things happen in people’s lives, they can either be traumatic in a good way or in a bad way, and this is why these memories stick with people so well compared to smaller things that had happened in their lives. Memories can pop up into people’s heads at odd times, like when something happens that reminds them of the memory, or they smell, see, or hear something that reminds them of something that had happened in the past.

I think that there are some memories that stick more in peoples heads compared to others because these tend to be events that had a large impact in someone’s life. These memories are always something that easily pop up in people’s heads because they are memories that were traumatic to people earlier in their lives.

People remember things such as the assassination of John F Kennedy, and what they were doing on September 11, 2001 because these were traumatic events that changed their lives, one way or another. These events have stayed scarred in their brains because they were events that essentially changed their lives, just like other memories that people easily remember or constantly think about.

A study that could be performed to test how accurate this theory is would be to survey people about what their most prominent memory is and then that could be tested to see whether or not this event had impacted their lives in a major way or not. This test would show how these memories affect people’s lives and what kind of memories are affecting people the most.

First Impression Post; Learning

Violence in video games have been very controversial when it comes to whether or not it affects how children view violence and how it affects them mentally. I think that when there is violence in video games it can go either one way or another when it comes to affecting children’s views on violence.

Children who play video games with violence in the games can either be affected mentally scarring them from the violence and gore that occurs in the game and this has the potential to make children scared of the games and scared that it could happen in real life. This could really affect their mental state and make them too scared to do certain things because they are scared of what could happen to them because of what they saw in their video games.

I think that another way that this could go would be the children could potentially be inspired by these video games, which could make them think it is okay to do and start participating in violent actions. Video games could make kids think that it is okay for them to do violent things to other people because they saw it in the game and everyone in the game participates in these violent actions.

I think that violent video games can affect all children differently because they could either scar them by scaring them and making them nervous to go out and do things on their own. These video games also have the potential to make children think that violence is the answer, but I think that these video games can be dangerous for children to play because of the potential they have on their mentality when it comes to violence.