First Impression Post; Mental Illness

From watching this video, I learned a lot more about the symptoms and reactions that people who have schizophrenia have. Before watching this video I never really realized that that is how they react and that is what is constantly going through their head. I think that people living with this mental illness are portrayed differently in the media, than how they really react in real life.

Although actually experiencing these side effects and symptoms is much different in real life, than they are in this video, it still strongly affected me while I was watching it because the video actually showed how hard living with this mental illness really is for people. It showed me how hard it must be to suffer from one of these mentally illnesses because I had a hard time from just watching a video about it.

In the media people usually portray schizophrenia as a mental illness that actually makes people go crazy and act insane all the time, rather than actually showing what is going on inside their heads. I think that the media shows this mental illness to be much worse and harder for people to live with than it actually is in real life because they make people with schizophrenia in the media way more crazy and uncontrollable, where as people in real life that have it are not nearly as uncontrollable as they are making them seem.

Doing this simulation showed me what people that have to live with schizophrenia go through every single day and it makes me realize what kind of things they have to go through just to live a normal life. Doing this simulation really opened my eyes to mental illnesses and actually showed me what they are like in real life, rather than learning false information from the media.

2 thoughts on “First Impression Post; Mental Illness

  1. I completely agree with the above post. Before watching the video, I had no clue that someone with schizophrenia experiences all of those symptoms. I wasn’t 100% sure exactly what someone went through when they have schizophrenia, but I assumed it wasn’t good. With the media portrayal of people with schizophrenia pretty much being the media calling them insane and showing them as being deranged people, I did not think that hallucinations would have been the biggest thing that people with schizophrenia experience. this is obviously a depressive mood disorder because of the low feeling that is associated with all of the negative hallucinations. It is not mania or else the person with schizophrenia would be full of energy. I hope that the video did an accurate portrayal of what someone with schizophrenia goes through everyday because I do not want to be misinformed and I think that it was very interesting to learn about it.


  2. I believe that many of us can agree that the way the media portrays schizophrenia does not accurately represent individuals who suffer with this mental illness. Like you stated in your post, many times schizophrenia is often displayed to make people seem like they are completely inept of interacting with others, but this could not be further from the truth. Before watching this video, I was completely unaware of what individuals with this mental illness had to go through, but now I am truly able to understand what people have deal with when they have this terrible illness. I also think that the media should incorporate more sources like this video when they discuss schizophrenia, so that they are less likely to provide the consumers of this media with false information and the consumers are able to truly understand what schizophrenia is like.


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