First Impression Post; Social

Taking these tests did not surprise me much, as the results were pretty much what I was expecting. I feel as though I know myself well and was expecting the results that I ended up getting. While taking the test I had clear answers that came to mind while I was reading the questions because I know what my beliefs are and it was easy for me to come up with the answers.

I think that my results were not surprising because I already know what things I think and what my beliefs are, and they are stronger beliefs, so it is pretty difficult to change my opinion. Taking this test was different because some of the questions that were asked, I did not expect. Although some of the questions were more out there than other questions, most of the one asked were questions that I had expected to be on the test.

I think that this test could be useful for college students because it could help to show them what their beliefs are and can also help them to see what they actually believe, rather than what they think they believe in. This test could also be useful in a future career to show the business or place that you are working how you think and what things you believe in before the job is started. This can help people get fired and it can help businesses and companies to know who to hire or not hire people if they do not fit into the company.

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