First Impression Post; Personality

After taking the four personality tests, I think that they accurately represent my personality. I think that these tests showed different aspects of my personality, but all came together to make who I am as a person.

These tests showed different parts of my personality and who I am because they did not all come out and give me the exact same results, instead they varied slightly and gave me different answers for some of the tests, but others were exactly the same.

These tests all had very similar, if not exactly the same questions, but some of my results did vary and were different from test to test. I think that all of these tests were very credible because they all had similar questions and they also all gave the same descriptions for each of the personality types.

These tests were interesting, especially the second one because it not only gave a description of each of the personalty types, but it also gave examples of people who are those kinds of personalities. Meaning, each description of the personality gave an occupation of major trait of someone who is that personality type, which I thought was very interesting because it helped me better understand what kinds of people would be that personality type.

Taking these tests made me realize that personalities can vary largely between people because there are so many different personalities that people can have. I never realized the abundance of personalities that there are and it is crazy that there are so many to fit all different kinds of people.

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