First Impression Post; Stress

My current stress level is much lower than it is during the school year because I am taking many less classes than I am during the school year. I also am taking this class at my pace, rather than attending classes every day I get to take this class from the comfort of my own home. I feel as though being at home I am less stressed taking a class because I am working at my pace and I am in my own comfortable environment.

During the school year I do not get very stressed, but I do get stressed for sure. I do have some stress management for during the school year, when I am very stressed. I go to the gym and run and workout, which helps me focus on something different for a little bit, rather than focusing solely on school work and stressing out more.

This really does help me be less stressed because I can work out all of my anger and stress directed towards school work.

Other things that I could do to manage my stress would be boxing because that would take off a lot of anger and stress by boxing, rather than taking my stress out on something. I think that being stressed makes my performance worse because then I am not able to focus on my work and things that I need to focus on. I think that when I am not stressed my performance is better, which is why I enjoy going to the gym and doing physical activity to relieve my stress.

2 thoughts on “First Impression Post; Stress

  1. Thanks for sharing your techniques, Olivyah. I do agree with you on the subject of online classes. It has been very nice to go at my own pace, and be in a comfortable environment. I think of a classroom as a stressful place, so it can be hard to focus and stay engaged. My mind races with thoughts of every time I did not know the answer to a quiz or got a test back with a grade. My home feels comfortable, although I may be more tempted to get off task. I am glad that going to the gym is a stress reliever for you, as it is one for me too. When reading the textbook, I found it interesting when it said how exercise improves energy, mood, and relationships. These three benefits lessen stress and leave the person happier. I think that it is fascinating that you do boxing. It seems like a great way to release negative energy, and I would love to try it sometime.


  2. I must agree with you when you say that your stress level is significantly lower now than it is compared to the school year. As college students, we all know how stressful school can become in the middle of the semester when you have a massive amount of work starting to pile up and a very limited time to complete it all. I also think that the idea of going to the gym as a technique to manage your stress is a fantastic idea. Not only is this an adaptive strategy that does not really have any foreseeable downsides. But this can also help improve your mood as a whole even when you are not stressed. I also believe that boxing is not only a very unique activity to release stress in a physical manner, but can also build upon the positive side effects you are already experiencing from exercising. Thank you for sharing these different techniques with us, this was a very interesting post!


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