First Impression Post; Sleep

During the school year I would not go to bed until later at night because I was never tired until then because of the work I had been doing for classes. Now that it is summer and I don’t have nearly as much homework to be doing and I don’t have classes to be attending daily, I find myself able to sleep a lot earlier than during the school year.

As a college student I feel as though I do get a decent amount of sleep, but not as much as I should be getting. I think that my sleep habits could be better and I could manage my time differently so that I can get more sleep, while also succeeding academically. My sleep schedule during the school year was definitely much different than my current sleep schedule.

During the summer time I find myself going to sleep a lot earlier and getting to sleep for a higher number of hours than I did during the school year. I think that an ideal number of hours of sleep a college student should be getting is somewhere around 8 hours because then they wake up more refreshed and then are less likely to be taking naps during the day, wasting time that they could be using to study.

I think that one way I could improve my sleeping habits would be to take less naps during the day and spend more time doing homework and studying, rather than sleeping. This would allow me to sleep more at night and get the correct amount of sleep that I need, rather than getting small bursts of sleep during the day and not a lot at night.

2 thoughts on “First Impression Post; Sleep

  1. My sleep schedule is similar to yours because I also get minimal sleep at night and nap throughout the day. I also thought that 8 hours was ideal, but I found it interesting when the lecture explained that getting sleep with a multiple of 90 minutes is optimal for waking up in a good mood. Your mood depends on when you wake up during the sleep cycle. Now, I will set my alarm for either 6, 7.5, or 9 hours after I fall asleep. I am also interested in how you can learn how much sleep you need by the test defined in lecture. I am planning on trying that test and advising my friends to do it too. If you end up doing it, I would love to compare our results. Thanks for sharing your habits and ideas!


  2. I believe that many of us are able to attest to the issue that you have outlined above. During the school year, it is extremely hard for students to balance the demands of a busy work schedule with having a social life and getting the proper amount of rest every night. I would say that my sleep schedule is very similar to yours during the school year. As you outlined at the end of your post, I would also spend some of the free time that I would have during the day napping, because I thought it would help me feel more well rested and give me more energy throughout the day. As we know, there are days where you do not wake up at the time you had initially planned and you wake up irritable and in a bad mood. Personally, I had no idea how the different cycles of sleep had worked prior to this point, and now realize that napping any longer than 20-30 minutes will result in you feeling even worse than you had when you decided to take the nap in the first place. However, I hope that if you do try out the tips outlined in the lecture that they work to help you set the sleep schedule that works best for you. Thank you for sharing!


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