First Impression Post; Learning

Violence in video games have been very controversial when it comes to whether or not it affects how children view violence and how it affects them mentally. I think that when there is violence in video games it can go either one way or another when it comes to affecting children’s views on violence.

Children who play video games with violence in the games can either be affected mentally scarring them from the violence and gore that occurs in the game and this has the potential to make children scared of the games and scared that it could happen in real life. This could really affect their mental state and make them too scared to do certain things because they are scared of what could happen to them because of what they saw in their video games.

I think that another way that this could go would be the children could potentially be inspired by these video games, which could make them think it is okay to do and start participating in violent actions. Video games could make kids think that it is okay for them to do violent things to other people because they saw it in the game and everyone in the game participates in these violent actions.

I think that violent video games can affect all children differently because they could either scar them by scaring them and making them nervous to go out and do things on their own. These video games also have the potential to make children think that violence is the answer, but I think that these video games can be dangerous for children to play because of the potential they have on their mentality when it comes to violence.

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