Introductory Blog Post

My name is Olivyah Vanek, I will be a sophomore in the fall at Elizabethtown College. My major is environmental science and I am still deciding on what I want my minor to be, psychology being one of the possible options, which is one of the main reasons I decided to take this summer course. I also decided to take this course to gain more college credits.

I don’t have much background in psychology, other than a class I took during high school for one semester. The class I took was just an introduction to psychology and I found it to be one of the most interesting courses that I took during high school.

When I hear the word “psychology” I think of the behaviors and mental thoughts of humans.

As I looked through the course schedule, I realized that there were many topics that I was interested in. I am most interested in learning how to evaluate psychological claims and how humans are psychologically affected by certain scenarios. I am very interested in children’s psychology as well and how it is different than in adults. I am less interested in topics such as topics such as memory and human development because they don’t seem quite as interesting to me as some of the other topics do.

By the end of this course I hope that I can learn enough information about psychology to help me decided whether or not I want to declare it as my major. I look forward to beginning this course and learning more about psychology!

One thought on “Introductory Blog Post

  1. Welcome to the course Olivyah! Psychology could be a really cool fit with environmental science, as understanding human society and attitudes is so important to think about when considering preservation efforts. What part of environmental science are you most interested in? I know there are lots of different angles you can approach it from. My partner is very passionate about environmental causes, often volunteering to serve on recycling and waste reduction committees in her jobs.

    This class will give you a nice overview of a lot of different topic areas in psychology, so if you decide you want to continue on as a minor or major you’ll have a good sense of what classes you want to take. Even if you decide not to declare a minor/major, you will still get a lot from the course, particularly in terms of learning how to interrogate psychological claims in the media. In this era where it can be hard to tell fact from fiction in our news feeds, this is a vitally important skill. I hope you enjoy the course!


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