First Impression Post; Research Methods

Within the topic of psychology there are many different topics that interest me, one of the most interesting would be phobias. To research phobias I would begin with the question of, how do different types of phobias occur in people of all different backgrounds? Meaning what are the different causes of certain phobias and how to they become relevant and start to affect the human if they hadn’t in the past?

My hypothesis would be to say that humans are only affected by certain phobias if there was a previous trauma that caused them to fear certain aspects of life, whether the phobia is directly related to the or not. With this being said, phobias can be caused by things that had happened to people during their childhood, or during younger years of their lives.

To test this a group of people with one type of phobia would be gathered and a test on their past could be made by asking questions about what made the phobia come about. These tests would include questions relating to their home life, childhood, and what trauma they experienced in their lives so far. These results could be compared to the results of a group of people who do not have phobias.

The results of the experiment could help to show that phobias are created by things that had happened in the past and it can also tell whether or not phobias are caused by trauma.

2 thoughts on “First Impression Post; Research Methods

  1. You have quite an interesting hypothesis here for multiple reasons. First, I think it would be very interesting to see if it truly is traumatic experiences that cause phobias. Your hypothesis, though, singles out trauma as the sole cause of phobias. I think that maybe this may have been a little too specific, since trauma is probably not the only cause of phobias.
    Another reason I think you have an interesting hypothesis and possible experiment is because of the subject, phobias. Phobias are very debated about in the medical field, whether they are a mental illness or not. The same goes for addiction. The biggest issue that the medical field runs into with phobias and addiction is how to quantify what counts as a phobia and what doesn’t. To what extreme does the fear need to be in order to be considered a phobia? Also, to what standard is the bar being set to rate the fear? Everyone rates fear in different ways, so how do you create a universal scale for fear?
    I think you have some very intriguing ideas here, and with a little refinement I think that you could turn this into a real experiment.
    Great post!


  2. This is a topic that most certainly piqued my interest. I believe it would be very interesting to see how your hypothesis could be proven (or disproved) through testing. Although it would be very hard to set up an experiment to see if there is a direct correlation between the previous traumas and the current phobias due to it being extremely unethical. I agree that administering a test to the subjects may be one of the best ways to collect some data on the topic. However, it may be somewhat difficult saying with certainty that the previous traumatic experiences are the main cause for the phobias they are experiencing. Regardless of this minor detail, I think this experiment could be very promising.
    A very interesting read, thank you for the post!


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